iPhone! iPhone! iPhone! — I got one

This guy is way to damn excited

This guy is way to damn excited

If you didn’t know, I recently got an iPhone…. it fucking rocks. I’ve been a total slut for the camera and I don’t care who knows it. I’ve been using it non-stop and finding as many was as I can to use the cool headphones/headset to talk to people on the phone.

And before you guess, yes I’ve downloaded a ton of apps and yes I did jailbreak the phone. Too much dismay (and wasted time) I ended up re-formatting and going back to the old iPhone. Why? Well let me just explain it to you:

I heard Pwnage 2.0.2 was out and the guys at Gizmodo and Lifehacker were raving about it so I decided to try it. I’d had my iPod Touch jailbroken for a long ass time (well, before I sold it and 2.0 software was out) and it was amazing. I loved all the free apps and the coolness they allowed. It was like… unlimited fun. Then BAM! the iPhone 2.0 software is out so I ‘got’ the iTouch software on my iPod Touch and was cool with it… So, I was digging jailbreaking my iPhone assuming things would be just as kick-ass but with the phone and camera added on.

I was wrong.

As I should have researched, there are near 0 good apps out that interest me on the jailbroken market (the NES emulator is cool, but not that cool). So after probably 3 hours of reformatting, updating, refilling and all that I decided to clear things out (again!) to go back to factory settings. And that was that.

I’ll definitely be waiting to jailbreak until some amazing apps come out.

That said, I am digging the apps out legitimately for the iPhone. Mind you, I haven’t yet bought an app, but I’ve pretty much tried every free app out there and I keep a few special ones on my iPhone (Solitaire, BreakOut, Twitterrific, Klick, and a few others). So all is good.

Heading to bed now…

Radon–a super fast browser (quickie review)

Radon (a screenshot)

Got word on a new browser from someone on twitter… I don’t follow them, but Dallas does and I happened to glance at her computer as she was on Twitter and saw he/she mentioned it… so sorry for not giving credit…

Nevertheless, Radon is a Mac-only browser from Tominated Software and let me tell you: it’s pretty cool.

I’m using the browser now and it’s pretty sweet. Everything I need loads: GMail (HTML view only :( ), Google Reader, Google Calendar (talk about amazing), Demonoid, IMDB, Wikipedia, Google. But the real  awesome part of this browser is that it’s über fast. SUPER fast. Awesome fast. I’m talking faster than any browser you put it against. And really, it loads images quickly, Javascript and everything your average user would need.

Except Flash. 

There is no flash support in this browser at all. And for me, that’s a small problem. I read sites like io9, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, TUAW and all sorts of other blogs/news sites and what sucks is that a lot of the time, these sites feature a video on YouTube or Vimeo or some other flash-video site and, what do you know, it doesn’t load in this browser. Let me also mention, there is no tab support (a kind of must for me, but I can deal), no password manager, no ability to upload(like in a form) /or ownload files via HTTP (I’ll explain in a second) and no bookmarks.. at all. It’s pretty damn basic, but all for the speed. 

But that aside, Radon owns kicks ass. Like, I seriously dig it. I’ll probably be using it a lot in the future and I’m glad I found out about it. I can live without Flash and if I absolutely NEED it I can pop open Firefox/Safari and hit whatever video I need.

As I said, there is no HTTP downloader, BUT you can still download files. There is an extra add-on built in called Krypton that lets you download files if you hit the file (which will look like jarbled junk) you can download by using Krypton and things will simply download OR you can provide a url and Krypton will download it. Annoying? yes, but it’s all for the speed (and it’s an independent browser)

Also, there is an add-on built in called Techtanium that creates a mini browser window and, for some reason, searches JUST YouTube… but you can’t watch the video… I couldn’t really figure out the use for this. I’ll make sure to blog again in the future if I figure things out. It could be for future improvements(?).

For now, I’ll be using Radon exclusively until I run into some unforseen problem. And really going from Radon to Firefox, you can see how heavy of a browser Firefox really is… Also, I’ll wait for the official Firefox 3 and see what’s what.

RSS Feed Junkie? Check this application out

If you’re a web somewhat familiar with the internet, I’m sure you read blogs and news web sites and all that jazz. If you’re a web geek like me, you probably subscribe to RSS feed and all that awesomeness. If you’re a super-fly geek-a-zoid you may be into this little application called Snackr.

Currently in version 0.33, Snackr is a sweet Adobe Air application, originally featured on Lifehacker, that puts a RSS ticker on your computer where ever you want… like, seriously where ever you want. It’s awesome.

I originally saw the article on Lifehacker in my Google Reader and was instantly interested in trying out this program. Given that I was at work, I was using a second monitor and the awesome part of this program was that it detected my second monitor and allowed me to choose which screen displayed the program. And as I mentioned, I was using Google Reader, so I easily exported an OPML file and imported right into Snackr with no problem.

And here’s my run down:


  • Adobe Air aka Cross platform goodness
  • Multiple screen support
  • Easily add/import/export RSS feeds
  • Pretty as hell (Adobe Air pretty much guarantees this)
  • Amazing looking previews for each item scrolling


  • A HUGE CPU eater… I’m talking 28% of my processor (I’m on a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook with 2GB of RAM)
  • No size adjustment when it comes to height/width (depending on where you have it placed)

As you can see, the only real downside is this application’s CPU chomping, but I’m guessing with future versions, the hunger for power will be vastly downsized and Snackr will probably become a very worthwhile application.

Here’s a screenshot from their site. And another.

What I’d like to see is a very small, one line per feed version that ran in 12pt font at the top or bottom of your screen for minimal distraction and space consumption… but that’s just my wishing. (Check their wishlist… crazy…)