RSS Feed Junkie? Check this application out

If you’re a web somewhat familiar with the internet, I’m sure you read blogs and news web sites and all that jazz. If you’re a web geek like me, you probably subscribe to RSS feed and all that awesomeness. If you’re a super-fly geek-a-zoid you may be into this little application called Snackr.

Currently in version 0.33, Snackr is a sweet Adobe Air application, originally featured on Lifehacker, that puts a RSS ticker on your computer where ever you want… like, seriously where ever you want. It’s awesome.

I originally saw the article on Lifehacker in my Google Reader and was instantly interested in trying out this program. Given that I was at work, I was using a second monitor and the awesome part of this program was that it detected my second monitor and allowed me to choose which screen displayed the program. And as I mentioned, I was using Google Reader, so I easily exported an OPML file and imported right into Snackr with no problem.

And here’s my run down:


  • Adobe Air aka Cross platform goodness
  • Multiple screen support
  • Easily add/import/export RSS feeds
  • Pretty as hell (Adobe Air pretty much guarantees this)
  • Amazing looking previews for each item scrolling


  • A HUGE CPU eater… I’m talking 28% of my processor (I’m on a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook with 2GB of RAM)
  • No size adjustment when it comes to height/width (depending on where you have it placed)

As you can see, the only real downside is this application’s CPU chomping, but I’m guessing with future versions, the hunger for power will be vastly downsized and Snackr will probably become a very worthwhile application.

Here’s a screenshot from their site. And another.

What I’d like to see is a very small, one line per feed version that ran in 12pt font at the top or bottom of your screen for minimal distraction and space consumption… but that’s just my wishing. (Check their wishlist… crazy…)